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The Rugby Fives Association is the governing body for the sport of Rugby Fives. The association aims to promote the playing and coaching of Fives at schools, universities and senior level, and throughout the community in general. It does this by organising matches and tournaments throughout the season and advising on – and wherever possible supporting financially – the regeneration of facilities and provision of suitable coaching and equipment to further the game's development across the country.




If you would like to become a member of the RFA, please complete a membership form, downloadable from here:


RFA membership application form [PDF, 212KB]

Student (or soon to be leaving school) version [Word file, 25KB]


The RFA is a company 'Limited by Guarantee' and the signing of the following form formalises membership of the company:


RFA Letter of Guarantee [Word document, 56KB]

RFA Risk Assessment [PDF, 242KB]

RFA Equity Statement [PDF, 52KB]

(The above are best read using the latest version of Adobe Reader, available free of charge from www.adobe.com)

RFA Advice to players and spectators [PDF, 74KB]


RFA Child Photography Policy [Word document, 40KB]


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Bob Dolby


Deputy President

Bernard Atkinson


General Secretary

Ian Fuller

Contact him


Club Manager

Hamish Buchanan

Contact him


Directors of the RFA

As above, plus: Charlie Brooks, Paddy d'Ancona, David Gardner, Peter King, Stuart Kirby, Andy Pringle, Alex Smith, Alexandra Steel, Dan Tristao, Dick Warner


Company number: 04837244

Registered charity: 1136872


RFA Memorandum and Articles of association [Word document, 232KB]